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Produced in the early stages Raspberry Pi Linux server

Prior knowledge

The OS of RPi, Raspbian "wheezy" is based on the Debian which is a kind of LinuxOS.
Debian knowledge is useful.

Instead of an Intel CPU, CPU of ARM.
Compilation will vary.


LAN Cable & SD card & RPi body needs a minimum.
Only once at the beginning, you need a USB keyboard, monitor and a set of connection.

Write to the SD card, the OS file
The method, go to Raspberry Pi Boot SD card production method for WindowsXP environment.
When trouble Raspberry Pi Boot trouble (Start-up problem).

The very first, please connect a keyboard and monitor, then turn on the power. Please prepare a box for Raspberry Pi.
And turn on the power, connecting to the RPI, the LAN cable and SD card.

SSH software installation (TeraTerm) on the Windows side.
Checking the IP address of the router to RaspberryPi.

Initial setting

It is ready for remote control.
After this preparation, it is possible to remove the keyboard and monitor.
I found that SSH can also be connected from the beginning.
Please pardon sentences that are mixed.

After the first start-up, open the setting screen after login.
With initial start-up, and start the next, you must have a long wait.
If you leave the prompt,
$ sudo raspi-config

The change in the beginning :
»It is necessary to obtain the time.
»Changing the password of a user pi.
»It should now be Enable.
»Necessary for effective use of the SD card.
»During the next boot, waiting time is longer.

It should restart automatically when finished.
If it does not restart, type
$ sudo reboot
The following startup by the capacity of the SD card is 10-30 minute wait.

SSH configuration

SSH is software that you access from your computer other than the RPI, RPI to work.
To make convenient connections, please immobilization of private IP address.
For security reasons, please that :
The introduction of the secret key.
Access prohibited in the "root" user.
Ban blank password login.
Changing the SSH port number.

The method is the same as the Debian.
Please do not forget to restart the RaspbianOS.

Automated configuration

You had better have automated is nice, the OS and software updates.
In my settings, 4:15 every day, check for updates of the OS, run the command apt-get upgrade and apt-get update command.
This method is the same as Debian, too.

Installing the software

I create a test environment for JAVA and PHP, the RaspberryPi, for now.
I have installed
FTP Software

Per port security

Please be aware of the configuration of each port (per software) for security.
Typical port number
HTTP : 80
HTTPS : 443
FTP : 20 / 21
SMTP : 25
IMAP : 143
POP3 : 110
SSH : 22
In the above configuration, I think good about the SSH.
Others also, if multiple settings for each software is no problem

To connect to the Internet, you must configure the router separately.
Currently, Raspberry Pi is the internal LAN Server Status

Successful tests of PHP, I'm happy the way.
I will be so far now

If you want to connect to the Internet

If you want to connect to the Internet :
To set to open a port on the router
Sign up to get the DDNS service ID
Global IP address registered with the DDNS service
Study on your own domain, DDNS registration

If you think you might need to the server Raspberry Pi, may be the basis of these

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Android apps

There is the introduction and explanation of my Android applications, here.
Currently, Reversi APP for two human (Othello for two people)
Android App page


We introduce a project(named AndRobot), that connect Software and Hardware(smartphone and a machine).
I hope it will be the main content, in the future
AndRobot page

Android Info

A Note while I use the Android device
We strive to provide information that including programer's perspective.
Device Page

Mail Form

Mail Form is faster than e-mail for me.
Because, e-mail at work is prohibited, now.
Mail Form
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