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About Shipping Cost to Philippines

There are two kinds of shipping way, normal speed airmail, and fast speed of EMS.

Airmail with Tracking number

The name in Japan is Kokusai e-Packet.

 Weight           Price
 to  50g          560Yen(JP)
 to 100g          610Yen(JP)
 to 150g          665Yen(JP)
 to 200g          720Yen(JP)
 to 250g          770Yen(JP)
 to 300g          820Yen(JP)
 to 400g          930Yen(JP)
 to 500g         1040Yen(JP)
 to 600g         1140Yen(JP)
 to 700g         1250Yen(JP)
 to 800g         1350Yen(JP)
 to 900g         1460Yen(JP)
to  1.0kg        1560Yen(JP)
to 1.25kg        1800Yen(JP)
to  1.5kg        2020Yen(JP)
to 1.75kg        2280Yen(JP)
to  2.0kg        2500Yen(JP)

When the weight of more than 2kg, please use the EMS.

EMS (Express Mail Service)

 Weight           Price
  to 300g         950Yen(JP)
  to 500g        1180Yen(JP)
  to 600g        1350Yen(JP)
  to 700g        1480Yen(JP)
  to 800g        1630Yen(JP)
  to 900g        1770Yen(JP)
 to  1.0kg       1950Yen(JP)
 to 1.25kg       2250Yen(JP)
 to  1.5kg       2550Yen(JP)
 to 1.75kg       2880Yen(JP)
 to  2.0kg       3200Yen(JP)
 to  2.5kg       3700Yen(JP)
 to  3.0kg       4300Yen(JP)
 to  3.5kg       4800Yen(JP)
 to  4.0kg       5300Yen(JP)
 to  4.5kg       5850Yen(JP)
 to  5.0kg       6400Yen(JP)
 to  6.0kg       7450Yen(JP)
 to  7.0kg       8300Yen(JP)
 to  8.0kg       9100Yen(JP)
 to  9.0kg       9950Yen(JP)
 to 10.0kg      10800Yen(JP)

EMS is not available in some areas of Philippines.
EMS is available weighs up to 30kg.
Other method of transportation, We will suggest in the individual product detail page.

EMS is not available in :
Busuanga, Coron, Culion, El Nido, Linapacan, in Island of Palawan.
Looc and Tilik of Occidental Mindoro province.

EMS postal items addressed to regions "outside of this place", it will be in the post office delivery.
Bacoor 4102
Biñan 4024
Calookan City 1400 – 1413, 1420, 1428
Cavite City 4100
Dasmariñas 4114, 4115
Imus 4103
Las Pinas City 1740 – 1752
Kawit 4104
Makati City 0700 – 0732, 0740, 0750, 0760, 0770, 0780, 0790, 1200 – 1235
Malabon City 1409, 1470 – 1480
Mandaluyong City 1550 – 1556
Manila City 0900 – 0928, 0930, 0940, 0970, 0980, 0950, 0960, 1000 – 1018
Marikina City 1800 – 1811, 1820
Muntinlupa City 1770 – 1777, 1780 – 1781, 1799
Navotas 1409, 1411 – 1413, 1485, 1489 – 1490
Noveleta 4105
Paranaque City 1700 – 1720
Pasay City 1300 – 1309
Pasig City 1600 – 1612
Pateros 1620 – 1621
Quezon City 0800 - 0802, 0810, 0820, 0830, 0840, 0850, 0860, 0870, 0880, 1100 – 1128
Rosario 4106
San Juan City 0400 – 0401, 0410, 0420, 1500, 1502 – 1504, 1530 – 1536
Sta. Rosa (Santa Rosa) 4026
Taguig City 1630 – 1634, 1636 – 1639
Valenzuela City 0550, 0560, 1440 – 1448, 1469

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Android apps

There is the introduction and explanation of my Android applications, here.
Currently, Reversi APP for two human (Othello for two people)
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We introduce a project(named AndRobot), that connect Software and Hardware(smartphone and a machine).
I hope it will be the main content, in the future
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A Note while I use the Android device
We strive to provide information that including programer's perspective.
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Mail Form is faster than e-mail for me.
Because, e-mail at work is prohibited, now.
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