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Watermark relief Meaning

What is a "relief" :
Human face is carved into coins in many countries.
The relief is, which carve an uneven plate, a representation of a pet or a person's face.
However, it is very difficult in a two-dimensional plate that represents the three-dimensional.
When a country has made a coin, such as wedding anniversary of Crown Prince, Sometimes with pointed out that no similar.
To be represented in the same quality as photos, A lot of people have continued to research the best way.

What is the "Watermark relief" :
One of the techniques to express as much as photos, "watermark relief".
The shade over 100 steps, Be smaller than 0.1mm on image resolution is possible.
If you look in the usual way, it just looks like a plate with an uneven, Looking through the light, it is a fine representation of the same level as the photo.
It is pleased with the surprise, is no doubt that he/she will be a memorable souvenir.

Why choose carving

Sample relief memorabilia Standing a few years, printing, photography, color fade, Over 20 years, to change, even difficult enough to repair.
Engraving, you can forever remind the joy of that time.
I offer a variety of opportunities to surprise, wedding present, Gift at birth of child, Sixtieth birthday celebration, Pet memorial plate, Anniversary, etc.

Request Watermark relief


Description of production methods of coin I take the example of unevenness of a coin.
Draw a line in every direction, looking for the depth of the part that intersects

Description of production methodsof line As you increase the density of the line, you can reproduce the near perfect shape

Description of production methods drill In order to separate the colors, and adjust the depth of more than 100 steps, you can write a picture.
The product is
Granularity of 0.1 ~ 0.2mm or more in a line,
100 or more stages of the depth,
I carved more than 400,000 points.
It is a work that takes a lot of time

The Size

The size of the Memorial gift You can also put in a vertical or horizontal.
The outside of the frame: "A" about 117mm * "B" about 158mm
The inside of the frame: "C" about 79mm * "D" about 119mm
The inside of the frame is the Japanese standard photo sizes (L type).
The size of the carving of "F" and "E" will vary depending on the size of the original image file.
It is about 4,000 mm square.
Example: If the processing of the image from the square, "E" about 63mm * "F" about 63mm
Example: If the photo type, "E" about 73mm * "F" about 55mm
(Varies depending on the size you send photo provided)


Commemorative photo Frame Commemorative Painted Frame Commemorative Unpainted Frame

Wood frame material.
Please select, pre-painted, and unpainted.
Special frame is available at extra cost, please contact us by mail form.
After the arrival of the goods, please glue by adjusting the orientation.


Photo with a link is expandable.

Memorial plate Memorial plate sample State that watermark Reduction of the original : carving state : State that watermark

Memorial plate Memorial plate sample

Memorial plate Memorial plate sample State that watermark Even pet memorial plate

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