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Raspberry pie does not start error, number 6231

Symptom: After power-up, LED (green) flashes repeated 4 times.
Screen: Repeat the start-up screen with a logo, and Color splash screen.

With information from the Wiki, 4 flashes: loader.bin not launched.
See below for the video of the operation RaspberryPi.

Search loader.bin → Launch loader.bin → Search start.elf → Launch start.elf Assuming this will be carried out in the order, possible to read the SD card?

Possible cause of the error of Raspberry Pi

SD Card
Certain initial period, SD card speed class 10 can not be used, there was an error of chipset.
Still, some SD card can not be used.
If "the order of the blink notice internal error in the boot" to be correct, the possibility of wrong SD-card is not exist, without there is a possibility that a file can not launch but can read.
(Caused by the writer(hardware)?)
I think that the possibilities are intermediate, so I do not try other SD-card at the beginning.

Currently, from composite video, to PC monitor with VGA terminal, are connected through signal converter.
So, the possibility remains that Compatibility with the conversion equipment.
(Conversion equipment would receive callback signal from the display, not transmitted to the raspberry pi?)
Because I think the possibility is low, I will not try this at first.

Device connection
Since I did a test by just connecting the keyboard and display.
To create a configuration file at boot time, there is the possibility that must be also connected voice cable or LAN cable.
Compatibility with the keyboard?(Lack of power because I am not using the power hub?)
I will try to connect voice cable and LAN cable.

Malfunction of RPi
I think at the moment, the possibility is low.


After resolution, I will publish as solution number 6231
Please tell me the cause who found it out.
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 September / 08 / 2012 
I think the possibility of failure to write to the SD card is greater.

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