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Cheering people to the CNC carving by end mill cutter tools
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To assist person want to work in Making Things with small capital
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CNC End Mills

Sales, price and shipping fee of cutting tools

V-type end mill cutter
V-type end mill cutter
It is the end mill of one blade, ideal for carving characters
Price is 980 Japan Yen
Ball nose End mill 1mm
Ball nose end mill blade diameter 1mm
Ball end mill of diameter 1mm blade which is indispensable to the fine work
The price is 1999 Japan Yen
Ball nose End mill 2mm
Ball nose end mill blade diameter 2mm
Ball end mill of the blade diameter 2mm, long length of the blade
Price is 1980 Japan Yen
Ball nose End mill 3mm
Ball nose end mill blade diameter 3mm
Ball end mill of the blade diameter 3mm, long length of the blade
The price is 2280 Japan Yen

We will produce other types of End mills if you order 20 or more.
Please contact us from Contact Us

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Android apps

There is the introduction and explanation of my Android applications, here.
Currently, Reversi APP for two human (Othello for two people)
Android App page

Magic tool

Introduction of new materials in Japan, to change the magic by power of the material
Provides new material to magician you want to do more than acting now
Magic tool


It describes the our business.
We are cheering people who work in manufacturing.


If you like to making things, try CNC.
You have the ability to shape the imagination
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